Firewalkers International Pyro

The 122nd Fighter Wing hosted a free public airshow June 8-9, 2019, at the 122nd Fighter Wing, Indiana Air National Guard Base in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Fort Wayne Air Show featured an aerial show by the Thunderbirds, the United States Air Force precision-flying demonstration team. (U.S. Air National Guard Photo by Senior Airman Rita Jimenez)

Firewalkers Pyro was established in 2013 as the newest Air Show Pyrotechnics Team on the Air Show scene. While being a new team it's members have a long history and many years of experience providing exciting, loud, HOT and safe Pyrotechnics at air shows, both nationally and worldwide. Our team members have worked closely with some of the most exciting civilian flight demonstration teams, fastest jet trucks, ground shows and military teams from virtually every branch of the service, foreign and domestic.

Our team members have participated in Air Shows throughout the United States and in Canada, El Salvador, UAE, China, and Australia. We truly are an "international" performing team.

Each team member has gained the experience necessary to provide audiences with unforgettable, HIGH energy, brilliant day or night shows that will enhance your Air Show experience. Through the use of High explosives, gasoline, and fireworks the team produces stunning displays choreographed perfectly with the flight teams and ground performers with earth shaking high energy results yet in a safe and precisely controlled professional show.

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